Unbelievable Footage: Intoxicated Extraterrestrials Spotted on an Island

While it may seem like a plot taken straight out of a science fiction film, a recent video has emerged depicting a possible scenario where a cohort of extraterrestrials pilot a UFO while intoxicated, resulting in a state of disorientation. VIDEO:  The video, which has been making the rounds on social media, shows the UFO […]

The video shows terrified tourists fleeing the cave after they spot an alien-looking creature inside

A group of young tourists catches on video strange humanoid creatures while they were exploring a small chain of islands belonging to Thailand. The discovery

Video Footage Captures Alien Sighting in Mysterious Forest

There are many mysterious and inexplicable phenomena in our world that we encounter in everyday life. Some of these phenomena are paranormal, while others are

Tourists stunned as UFO emerges from waterfall, sparking panic (VIDEO)

The footage shows a large, dark object hovering motionlessly above the waterfall, casting a shadow on the surrounding landscape. Its shape and size are difficult to determine, but some have suggested it resembles a classic saucer-shaped UFO. The witness who captured the video can be heard expressing amazement and confusion, as well as a sense of fear and uncertainty.

Google Earth spots two airplanes in pursuit of a mysterious UFO over Antarctica

On Google Maps, мeмƄers of the proмinent YouTuƄe channel “UFOмania,” which deals with ufological occurrences, uncoʋered soмething reмarkaƄle. While looking at aerial photos of Antarctica, they saw…

Tourists capture footage of peculiar humanoid creatures near a cave.

A group of young tourists catches on video strange humanoid creatures while they were exploring a small chain of islands belonging to Thailand. The discovery was absolutely terrifying They’ve heard a scream from one of the islands and when they got there they found these disturbing creatures near a cave. The creatures looked like some […]

Alien mothership lurking in our solar system could be watching us with tiny probes, Pentagon official suggests

A draft paper by a Harvard scientist and the head of the Pentagon’s UFO office has raised the idea an alien mothership could be in the solar system, sending out tiny probes dubbed “dandelion seeds” to explore the planets within.

Exploring the Forbidden: Ancient Star-Gate Unveils Discoveries and Artifacts that Offer Access to an Alien World

Your about to discover secrets from our ancient past that you never thought were possible to exist. This is indeed some of the most amazing information you will ever see or come across!

NASA Expert Reports Astonishing Sighting of Three-Meter Object in Space

~ An expert from NASA claims to have witnessed an object measuring three metres in height while in space with two astronauts. ~ When Clark …

Astronaut Aldrin Claims Extraterrestrial Ship Was Far Superior to Ours and Huge – Watch the Video

During a documented symposium carried out by NASA, Buzz Aldrin claimed that before their arrival the moon was already inhabited by other species, and what’s more there were signs of coʟoɴιzᴀтιoɴ. According to Aldrin, as soon as the ᴀᴘoʟʟo11 arrived at the moon, their presence was noticed by an alien race. As a matter of […]