A lioness mother takes in and cares for a sick young leopard as if it were her own.

Primarily lioпs aпd also leopards at the Gir Natioпal Forest, Iпdia did пot maпage very well. Stotra Chakrabarti, a scieпtist who researches pet behavior states that lioпs…

Hungry Hippo! At the Westerp Plaips Zoo, there is an absolutely adorable baby hippo named Borp… Over a decade has passed since the first calf was born there.

Taroпga Westerп Plaiпs Zoo has welcomed a пew member of their zoo family to the world. The 𝑏𝑎𝑏𝑦 hippo calf, borп late Thυrsday eveпiпg, is the first…

Two Supermassive Black Holes Are Expected To Collide Within Next 3 Years And We Will Watch It In Real-Time

A massive collision between two supermassive black holes with a combined mass of around 200 million Suns is upon us, according to research.

Scientists Find ‘Evidence’ of Another Universe Before Our Own

Scientists find proof of previous universes in the night sky, namely the leftovers of black holes from a previous universe.

This Planet has Rings 200 Times Larger than Saturn

J1407b, has the largest ring system yet seen – around 200 times larger than Jupiter’s (the largest in our solar system).

BREAKING: Voyager 1 Is Sending Back ‘Impossible’ Data From Interstellar Space

the veteran spacecraft is suddenly sending back unusual data that is baffling its engineers.

Venus breakthrough: NASA found evidence of ‘enough water to support abundant life’

Following the discovery of “enough water to support plentiful life” by NASA, it has been chosen for more missions.

Man Captures A Breathtaking Image of the Total Eclipse And It Is Being Called “History’s Most Amazing Photo”

This Image of the Total Eclipse Is Being Called “History’s Most Amazing Photo” Jon Carmichael

We’re About To Witness A Super-Rare Planetary Alignment In January Early Morning Sky

We’re About To Witness A Super-Rare Planetary Alignment In March’s Early Morning Sky

Mother Found Still Cradling Baby After 4800 Years

Oftentimes, few people are interested in the findings of archeological digs – broken pots, scattered bones, it usually takes a sign of cannibalism or extraordinarily old carbon dating to draw the mainstream media’s attention. Yet a Taiwanese discovery announced last year proved to be an exception to the rule.