NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal, 51, draws attention when he is seen in Beverly Hills having dinner with social media celebrity Brittany Renner, 31, surprising everyone there

On Tuesday evening, Shaquille O’Neal took a break from his NBa Finals duties to meet up with social media star Brittany Renner for dinner.

The couple dined at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los angeles, with a source telling TMZ that the occasion was “nothing more than two friends catching up.”

Renner wore a white gown and carried a bright orange purse, while O’Neal wore a zip-up hoodie, jeans and trainers.

TMZ said the two arrived around 6:00pm local time, shared a meal, and then departed around 8:00pm.

While the internet has been buzzing after the video and photos of the two leaked, TMZ was told that ‘there was nothing romantic going on’ between the pair.Shaquille O’Neal was spotted out for dinner with social media star Brittany Renner this week

The pair – who are said to just be friends – dined together at the Beverly Hills Hotel for dinner

O’Neal was recently in Colorado for NBa TV’s coverage of the 2023 NBa finals between the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat.image

Bоth о’Neal and Renner have children thrоugh past relatiоnships. Renner has a child with Charlоtte Hоrnets star PJ Washingtоn.

Meanwhile Shaq has four children with his ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal – who he married in 2002 before getting divorced in 2011.


Basketball legend O’Neal (right) was taking some time out from covering the NBa Finals

Renner, pictured at an NFL game, has a child with Charlоtte Hоrnets NBa star PJ Washingtоn


Renner’s most recent Instagram photo from this week shows her in the back of a car

On a podcast in april, O’Neal took the blame for why his marriage ended, telling ‘The Pivot Pocast’ that he ‘messed up’.

‘I was just being greedy,’ he told the show. ‘I had the perfect situation. Wife was finer than a mug, kept giving me babies, still finer than a mug.

‘I had it all, and I don’t make excuses — I know I messed up.’

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