NBA Draft Lottery Shocker: Michael Jordan Sees $500 Million Vanish in Three Seconds

San Antonio Spurs landed basketball’s hottest prospects in Victor Wembanyama in Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery, as Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets just missed out

Michael Jordan could well have lost out on $500million (£402m) after the Charlotte Hornets missed out on Victor Wembanyama in Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery.

Michael Jordan 'loses' $500million in three seconds during NBA Draft Lottery - Mirror Online

Wembanyama was the man on everybody’s lips heading into the lottery, and the 19-year-old was unsurprisingly Tuesday’s No. 1 pick. Whilst Jordan’s time in charge of the Hornets has proven to be difficult, this would no doubt have changed if they landed the signature of the sport’s hottest prospect.

Michael Jordan 'loses' $500million in three seconds during NBA Draft Lottery - Mirror Online

The Charlotte-based franchise missed out though, as it was the San Antonio Spurs who were handed the first pick, and they will now more than likely take the 19-year-old starlet from France.

Victor Wembanyama has been tipped for big things

Due to Jordan’s stake in the team, the NBA icon could have bagged himself an extra $278m if he was able to sell the team with Wembanyama on the roster.

Clearly keen to get his NBA career going in San Antonio, the 19-year-old prodigy said: “I can’t really describe it my heart’s beating I’ve got everyone I love, everyone I know around me it’s really special moment I’m going to remember for the rest of my life.
Michael Jordan 'loses $500m in three seconds' with brutal NBA Draft blow | NBA | Sport |
[I’m] A team player, I’m going to do everything to win as many games as I can and I’m trying to win a ring ASAP so be ready. I’m going to try bring my talents here, I love Texas, I’ve been there before, I’m really happy and I really can’t wait to meet the fans and hopefully the team I’m going to join.”

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